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Public International Law, A Practical Approach, 4th Edition

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Professor Dr Abdul Ghafur Hamid 

Khin Maung Sein

  • Revised treatment of “juridical basis of international law”.
  • Revised discussion on the contemporary popular topic of "countermeasures".
  • New updates on the relationship between international law and national law.
  • Valuable insights to "right to self-determination of peoples".
  • Updated discussion on sovereign immunity.
  • Newly-added topics addressing the modern popular issues of "oral undertakings" and "unilateral declarations of States capable of creating legal obligations".
  • Rewritten discussion talking account of the new Territorial Sea Act 2012 and analysis of the controversial debate on the entitlement to natural resources in the territorial sea.
  • New discussion on the Islamic concept of human rights.
  • New discussion on the recently developed concept of "responsibility to protect", in comparison with traditional concept of humanitarian intervention.

As international law is developing very fast, this new edition of Public International Law: A Practical Approach has been extensively revised and expanded from the previous edition, which was written almost a decade ago, to keep up-to-date with global developments pertaining to international law. 

 Written by an experienced academician who has spent many years specialising in this area, this book presents clear insights into the Malaysian position on the various topics of international law in particular and the prevailing principles of international law in general. It covers the developments of international law over the recent years that were catalysed by new national and international statutes and judgments, as well as the recent change of the Malaysian Government. 

 This book is a reliable and comprehensive source of reference on public international law prepared specially to serve students and professionals alike. It contains copious references which point readers to relevant treaties, international documents, court decisions and articles published in numerous journals.

Chapter 1: The Nature and Development of International Law

Chapter 2: The Sources of International Law

Chapter 3: The Relationship Between International and National Law

Chapter 4: The Subjects of International Law

Chapter 5: State Territory

Chapter 6: State Jurisdiction

Chapter 7: Immunity from Jurisdiction

Chapter 8: The Law of Treaties

Chapter 9: The Law of State Responsibility

Chapter 10: International Law of the Sea

Chapter 11: International Human Rights Law

Chapter 12: The Law of the United Nations

Chapter 13: Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes

Chapter 14: Legal Regulation of the Use of Force

Chapter 15: International Humanitarian Law