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Psychology, Global Edition, 6th Edition

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Saundra K. Ciccarelli / J. Noland White  

For courses in Introductory Psychology

The most learner-centered and assessment-driven text available
Throughout Psychology, Saundra Ciccarelli and J. Noland White employ a learner-centered, assessment-driven approach that maximizes student engagement, and helps educators keep students on track. The authors draw readers into the discipline by showing how psychology relates to students’ own lives. Clear learning objectives, based on the recommended APA undergraduate learning outcomes, guide learners through the material. And assessment tied to these learning objectives lets students check their understanding, while allowing instructors to monitor class progress and intervene when necessary to bolster student performance.


A learner-centered approach engages students deeply in the study of psychology

  • An engaging writing style helps awakens students’ curiosity and energizes their desire to learn about psychology.
  • Comprehensive coverage of key research enables students to achieve a thorough understanding of the discipline, top to bottom.
  • A hands-on approach, with various in-text activities, gets students learning actively, so they’ll master psychological concepts more readily.
  • Updated - Thoroughly revised Applying Psychology to Everyday Life features show how psychological concepts are relevant to students’ experiences in daily life.
  • New - Coverage of the latest developments in psychology ensures an up-to-date learning experience. The 6th Edition has been updated to include:
    • New research on SSRIs and the link between serotonin and various disorders
    • A revised discussion of why eyewitness testimony can be unreliable
    • Information about recent viral outbreaks around the world that are partly a result of the anti-vaccination movement
    • Updated research on the genetic factors that influence neuroscience and therefore BMI
    • Coverage of Type D personality, which is characterized by distress, negative emotions, and social inhibition
    • More information on social identity theory and how it relates to aggression and altruism
    • Expanded discussion of the genetic influences on the development of schizophrenia

1. The Science of Psychology
2. The Biological Perspective
3. Sensation and Perception
4. Consciousness
5. Learning
6. Memory
7. Cognition: Thinking, Intelligence, and Language
8. Development Across the Life Span
9. Motivation and Emotion
10. Sexuality and Gender
11. Stress and Health
12. Social Psychology
13. Theories of Personality
14. Psychological Disorders
15. Psychological Therapies
Appendix A: Statistics in Psychology
Appendix B: Applied Psychology and Psychology Careers

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