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Marketing Channels, A Malaysian Experience

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Marketing Channels: A Malaysian Experience provides a local flavour to one of the elements of the marketing mix- the channel of distribution as a strategic marketing application tool Markeung channels has been an area of marketing that is often neglected by both practitioners and academics as a key contributor to the development of strategic marketing. As such, this book provides relevant coverage of key distribution applications pertinent to the development of effective marketing strategies.

The book Marketing Channels integrates theory and practices in the simplest manner which will enable the readers, who have yet to be fully exposed to the concepts and practices of marketing channels to understand fairly easily and internalise the pertinent points of marketing channels. The book is appropriate for use by undergraduate students and graduate students who have never had a basic understanding of marketing channel concepts.

Key Features

Integrates marketing channel theory and practices through fairly simple illustrations of cases and situational analysis

Highlights key concepts of marketing channels relevant to the Malaysian channel scenario

Includes pertinent marketing channel concepts like relationship marketing, administrative structures and channel evaluation that are not commonly emphasized by channel text books focusing on principles and concepts Includes simple-to-understand case studies and short situations as illustrations of channel practices