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Malaysian Legal Systems: Questions And Answer

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Tunku Intan Mainura Tunku Makmar Nizamuddin 

Azni Mohd Dian 

Siti Nuramani Abdul Manab 

  • An updated book covering important aspects of the Malaysian legal system.
  • Contains a wealth of core information on the Malaysian legal system.
  • Written in a clear and easy-to-understand Q&A format to serve as a practical guide to understanding the Malaysian legal system.
  • Complemented with simplified explanation of authoritative cases and legislation for easy reference.
  • Useful revision resource for students in preparing for examination.
  • Written by Senior Lecturers with many years of experience in teaching and researching the subject. 

It is very important to understand the legal system of a country to understand the procedures and processes involved in enforcing the law. Malaysian Legal System: Questions and Answers provides readers with the core explanation about the Malaysian legal system, for example, sources of law in Malaysia, concepts of constitutional supremacy and monarchy, separation of powers, doctrine of judicial precedent, court system, law-making processes, alternative dispute resolution and more.

 An excellent grasp of the legal system is important before one can explore the other areas of law. This book provides simplified yet comprehensive guidance for students and the layman to understand the current legal system in Malaysia and its developments. For law students, this book should serve as a useful revision resource in preparing to answer examination questions for the subject.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: English Law

Chapter 3: Adat/Customary Law

Chapter 4: Judicial Precedent

Chapter 5: Federal Constitution

Chapter 6: Legislation

Chapter 7: Subsidiary Legislation

Chapter 8: Statutory Interpretation

Chapter 9: Court System

Chapter 10: Legal Aid Schemes

Chapter 11: Alternative Dispute Resolution