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Macroeconomics, 13th Edition, Dornbusch

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13th Edition

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A Complete View of Macroeconomics
Dornbusch, Fischer, and Startz’s Macroeconomics relies on straightforward explanations by emphasizing concepts over technique, and fitting difficult material into a larger framework so students can see its relevance in the world. The authors explore state-of-the art research, while allowing for flexibility in how much to emphasize these topics. A balanced approach explains both the potential and limitations of economic policy. Hallmark features and key changes in the 13th edition include:
• Background and analysis on The Great Recession of 2007-2009 and its aftermath.• Updates on unemployment and the Federal Reserve, including more detailed dives into each topic with current data, definitions, and context.• History Speaks and What More Do We Know? boxes callout relevant data and information that further enhance the concepts covered within each chapter.• Macroeconomics employs a model-based approach to macroeconomic analysis and demonstrates how various models relate to the goal of giving students the capacity to analyze current economic issues in the context of an economic frame of reference.• A focus on international perspectives helps students understand the important links connecting foreign economies to their own.  

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: National Income and Accounting

Chapter 3: Growth and Accumulation

Chapter 4: Growth and Policy

Chapter 5: Aggregate Supply and Demand

Chapter 6: Aggregate Supply and the Phillips Curve

Chapter 7: Unemployment

Chapter 8: Inflation

Chapter 9: Policy Preview

Chapter 10: Income and Spending

Chapter 11: Money, Interest, and Income

Chapter 12: Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Chapter 13: International Linkages

Chapter 14: Consumption and Saving

Chapter 15: Investment Spending

Chapter 16: The Demand for Money

Chapter 17: The Fed, Money, and Credit

Chapter 18: Policy

Chapter 19: Financial Markets and Asset Prices

Chapter 20: The National Debt

Chapter 21: Recession and Depression

Chapter 22: Inflation and Hyperinflation

Chapter 23: International Adjustment and Interdependence

Chapter 24: Advanced Topics