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Intermediate Mathematics II

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This book has five (5) chapters that are presented in a thorough, straightforward, and succinct style that is simple to grasp. They also include many working examples, exercises with solutions, and comprehensive notes.

It may also be used for in-class lessons or as homework. The central tendency and dispersion of data are measured statistically in the first chapter. The idea of set elements, set properties, Venn diagram, and set operations are covered in Chapter 2. The third chapter is about the probability
that focuses on complement and composite events, exclusive events, and dependent and independent events. While Chapter 4 discusses sequences and series that comprise arithmetic and geometric progression. The last chapter provides some fundamental information about matrices, inverse matrices, and how to use them to solve systems of equations.

Last, but certainly not least, we hope this book will benefit the students and
the instructors in understanding and imparting basic knowledge of


Norul Fadhilah Ismail
Siti Zaharah Mohd Ruslan
Siti Noor Dina Ahmad
Nor Ashikin Sahrom