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Intellectual Property Rights & Human Rights: A Malaysian Perspective

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This book discusses intellectual property rights and how they fit into the human rights framework. It introduces the topic of intellectual property, and it uses the example of plain packaging policy for tobacco products to demonstrate how intellectual property rights are a type of human rights. This particular illustration is crucial because, should this policy be discussed for other products in the future, it could be expanded to include alcohol, sugar-filled drinks, children's food, and other items. For this reason, this book serves as a valuable resource on intellectual property rights as a human rights issue. 


The policy on plain packaging is the current intellectual property topic trending around the world. 

This novel use of the term "human rights," which is linked to the term "intellectual property" in the title, will pique readers' interest in learning more about how intellectual property and human rights are related, particularly for those studying Human Rights Laws. 

The Syariah perspective on plain packaging addresses intellectual property as a type of property that can be calculated as an asset for faraid (Islamic law on inheritance) distribution purposes, which is useful for Syariah Law students. 

The Ministry of Health, smokers, non-smokers, consumer associations, and Malaysia's Human Rights Council are just a few of the authorities that were the subjects of surveys and interviews for this book. To date, no other intellectual property book has published these findings. 

As of now, no other law books in Malaysia discuss this plain packaging policy.