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Fundamentals of Management

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  • Muhammad Hanif Abdul Gafar
  • Intan Nazrenee Ahmad
  • Norhidayah Ali
  • Rosliza Md Zani
  • Syahrul Nadwani Abdul Rahman


This book is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students in the field of
business and management. The book introduces the various functions of management
such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. It consists of 10 chapters which
cover the basic concepts and principles of management. Furthermore, this book also
discusses the theories related in the management field and it is appropriate for application
in today's business organizations. It is written by five senior lecturers with substantial
experience teaching this subject. The book also provides useful insights into the
application of management and exposes students to the various management concepts
and practices.

The contents of each chapter in this book are complete and easy to understand.
Local examples are used to facilitate understanding.
Explanations of the diagrams in each chapter will help students to understand the
process/flow of the topics discussed.
Summary of all the important concepts and principles is made available at the end
of each chapter.
Discussion questions are also given at the end of each chapter to further enhance
and strengthen the learning process.
A specific chapter on Islamic Management Perspectives, which is required by
most universities in Malaysia, fulfills the syllabus requirement.