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Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry, 10th Edition

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1. The Nature of Analytical Chemistry

Part 1: Quality of Analytical Measurements

2. Calculations Used In Analytical Chemistry

3. Precision and Accuracy of Chemical Analysis

4. Random Errors in Chemical Analysis

5. Statistical Data Treatment and Evaluation

6. Sampling, Standardization and Calibration

Part II Chemical Equilibria

7. Aqueous Solutions and Chemical Equilibria

8. Effect of Electrolytes on Chemical Equilibria

9. Solving Equilibrium Problems for Complex Systems

Part III Classical Methods of Analysis

10. Gravimetric Methods of Analysis

11. Titrations in Analytical Chemistry

12. Principles of Neutralization Titrations

13. Complex Acid/Base Systems

14. Applications of Neutralization Titrations

15. Complexation and Precipitation Reactions and Titrations

Part IV Electrochemical Methods

16. Introduction to Electrochemistry

17. Applications of Standard Electrode Potentials

18. Applications of Oxidation/Reduction Titrations

19. Potentiometry

20. Bulk Electrolysis: Electrogravimetry and Coulometry

21. Voltammetry

Part V Spectrochemical Analysis

22. Introduction to Spectrochemical Methods

23. Instruments for Optical Spectrometry

24. Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy

25. Molecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy

26. Atomic Spectroscopy

27. Mass Spectrometry

Part VI Kinetics and Separations

28. Kinetic Methods of Analysis

29. Introduction to Analytical Separations

30. Gas Chromatography

31. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

32. Miscellaneous Separation Methods

Part VII Practical Aspects of Chemical Analysis

Chapters 33-37 are available as pdf files on the Web

33. Analysis of Real Samples

34. Preparing Samples for Analysis

35. Decomposing and Desolving the Sample

36. Chemicals. Apparatus, and Unit Operations of Analytical Chemistry

37. Selected Methods of Analysis