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Ethics: Theory And Practice, 11th Edition

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Jacques P. Thiroux / Keith W. Krasemann

Make Ethical Ideas Accessible to Students

 With a clear presentation, Ethics: Theory and Practice educates readers about ethical theory and has them apply what they learn to specific classic and contemporary moral problems (lying, cheating, establishing ethical business practices, honoring ethical obligations in medicine, etc.).


Jacques P. Thiroux first wrote this text 1977 in order to educate readers about ethical theory and its applications in a way that beginning students could understand.  The result was an accessible text that isn't too technical and doesn't plunge into complex readings without sufficient background.  The text is fully updated with global issues and non-Western ethical views. Keith W. Krasemann now continues Thiroux's efforts of making ethical ideas accessible to students.  Besides updating the foundations of the text, Krasemann incorporates new and relevant material, most of which is often unique only to this text. 



Chapter 1   The Nature of Morality

Chapter 2  Consequentialist (Teleological) Theories of Morality

Chapter 3   Nonconsequentialist (Deontological) Theories of Morality

Chapter 4   Virtue Ethics

Chapter 5   Absolutism Versus Relativism

Chapter 6   Freedom Versus Determinism

Chapter 7   Reward and Punishment

Chapter 8   Setting Up a Moral System: Basic Assumptions and Basic Principles

Chapter 9   The Taking of Human Life    

Chapter 10   Allowing Someone to Die, Mercy Death, and Mercy Killing

Chapter 11   Abortion

Chapter 12   Lying, Cheating, Breaking Promises, and Stealing

Chapter 13   Morality, Marriage, and Human Sexuality