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Elliott & Quinn's Contract Law, 12th Edition

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Elliott & Quinn’s Contract Law is the number one choice for law students looking for a contract law textbook which:


*Explains the fundamental legal principles in this area in clear, straightforward language but without compromising on academic rigour.

*Provides succinct case summaries illustrating the key facts and the legal principles arising from core cases.

*Illustrates the legal issues behind high profile news stories setting the law in its real-world context.

Table of Contents



Table of cases 

Table of statutes 

Table of statutory instruments 

Table of EU legislation 


Part 1 The formation of a contract 

1 Offer and acceptance 

2 Certainty 

3 Intention to create legal relations 

4 Capacity 

5 Formalities 

6 Consideration 

Part 2 The contents of a contract 

7 Terms of the contract 

8 Unfair contract terms 

Part 3 Vitiating factors 

9 Misrepresentation 

10 Mistake 

11 Illegality 

12 Duress and undue influence 

Part 4 Third parties 

13 Third parties 

Part 5 discharge and remedies 

14 Discharge of contract 

15 Remedies 

Part 6 Consumer protection 

16 Consumer contracts 

Answering examination questions