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Educational Research: Planning, Conducting and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research, 6th Edition

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John W. Creswell

A practical, step-by-step core research text that balances coverage of qualitative, quantitative and combined methods

Educational Research: Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research offers a truly balanced, inclusive, and integrated overview of the processes involved in educational research. This text first examines the general steps in the research process and then details the procedures for conducting specific types of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods studies. Direct guidance on reading research is offered throughout the text, and features provide opportunities for practice.

Throughout the 6th Edition, examples are now drawn from a broad range of fields, including program evaluation, multicultural research, counseling, school psychology, and learning and cognition. In addition, enhanced coverage incorporates the latest technology-based strategies and online tools, and more information about single-subject research methods.

Table of Contents

PART 1: An Introduction to Educational Research

1. The Process of Conducting Research Using Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches


PART 2: The Steps in the Process of Research

2. Identifying a Research Problem

3. Reviewing the Literature

4. Specifying a Purpose and Research Questions or Hypotheses

5. Collecting Quantitative Data

6. Analyzing and Interpreting Quantitative Data

7. Collecting Qualitative Data

8. Analyzing and Interpreting Qualitative Data

9. Reporting and Evaluating Research


PART 3: Research Designs

10. Experimental Designs

11. Correlational Designs

12. Survey Designs

13. Grounded Theory Designs

14. Ethnographic Designs

15. Narrative Research Designs

16. Mixed Methods Designs

17. Action Research Designs


APPENDIX A: Determine Size Using Sample Size Tables

APPENDIX B: Commonly Used Statistics in Educational Research

APPENDIX C: Nonnormal Distribution

APPENDIX D: Strategies for Defending a Research Proposal




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Subject Index