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Economics for Today, 6th Edition

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Allan Layton, Tim Robinson, Irvin Tucker 

Economics for Today 6e simplifies the array of confusing economic analyses and presents a straightforward and balanced approach that effectively teaches the application of basic economics principles. Only essential material is included in the book and key concepts are explained in clear and simple terms. Written in an engaging and user-friendly manner, the book is designed for a range of economics students with a continued focus on ethics in economics, sustainability and environmental economics, housing stress, development, health, happiness and debt crises.

Table of Contents

1 Thinking like an economist
Appendix to Chapter 1: Applying graphs to economics
2 Production possibilities and opportunity cost
3 Market demand and supply
4 Markets in action
5 Elasticity of demand and supply
6 Production costs
7 Perfect competition
8 Monopoly
9 Monopolistic competition and oligopoly
10 Policy Issues
11 Measuring the size of the economy
12 Business cycles and economic growth
13 Inflation and unemployment
14 A simple model of the macro economy
15 The monetary and financial system
16 Macroeconomic policy I: monetary policy
17 Macroeconomic policy II: fiscal policy
18 International trade and finance
19 Macroeconomics Policy issues (Capstone)