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Constitutional and Administrative Law

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  • Roger Masterman 
  • Colin Murray  
  • 9781292144252

In Constitutional and Administrative Law, the authors draw upon their extensive teaching and research experience to provide a contemporary and engaging account of the key topics which make up a typical Constitutional & Administrative or Public Law syllabus. Controversial issues and academic debates are also highlighted throughout making this the ideal textbook for anyone requiring a strong understanding of both the black letter principles and the wider socio-political context in which the constitutional arrangements of the UK have developed.

Table of Contents

Preface to the second edition xiii

Acknowledgements xvi

Table of cases xvii

Table of statutes xxxii

Part I

Constitutional regulation in the absence of a codified

constitution 1

1 The purposes and characteristics of constitutions 2

2 The domestic sources of the UK constitution 21

3 The United Kingdom Constitution and international legal orders 55

4 Law, politics and the nature of the United Kingdom Constitution 98

Part II

The theory and practice of the United Kingdom

Constitution 121

5 Parliamentary sovereignty 122

6 The rule of law 182

7 Separation of powers 221

Part III

Central government in the

United Kingdom 253

8 The executive 254

9 Parliament (I): the House of Commons 285

10 Parliament (II): the House of Lords 315

11 The United Kingdom Supreme Court and the office of Lord

Chancellor: towards an independent judicial branch? 340

Part IV

Decentralised government in the United Kingdom 357

12 The United Kingdom’s devolution arrangements 358

13 Devolution and the United Kingdom Constitution 393

Part V

Accountability (I): responsibility, scrutiny,

openness and good administration 429

14 Principles of political accountability 430

15 Parliamentary scrutiny of government 451

16 The Parliamentary Ombudsman 468

17 Freedom of information 485

Part VI

Accountability (II): the courts 505

18 Judicial review of administrative action – theory,

procedure and remedies 506

19 Judicial review of administrative action – grounds for review 541

20 The European Convention on Human Rights 595

21 The Human Rights Act 1998 647

22 Political freedoms and democratic participation 688

Index 721