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Sociology: A Global Perspective, 9th Edition

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Joan Ferrante

SOCIOLOGY: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, Ninth Edition, introduces readers to the concepts and theories of sociology, demonstrates how those concepts and theories can be used to think about the most significant and pressing global issues of our day, and uses powerful visual images to illustrate their impact on individuals, local communities, and society.

1. The Sociological Imagination: With Emphasis on Globalization and Glocalization.
2. Sociological Perspectives and Methods of Research: With Emphasis on Social Robotics.
3. Culture: With Emphasis on Transcultural Encounters and Exchanges.
4. Socialization: With Emphasis on In-Groups and Out-Groups.
5. Social Interaction and Impression Management: With Emphasis on Relationships in a Digital Age.
6. Formal Organizations: With Emphasis on Industrial Food.
7. Deviance, Conformity, and Social Control: With Emphasis on Mass Surveillance.
8. Social Inequality: With Emphasis on Social Mobility.
9. Race and Ethnicity: With Emphasis on Social Construction.
10. Gender and Sexualities: With Emphasis on Gender Ideals.
11. Economics and Politics: With Emphasis on India and Its IT Professionals.
12. Family: With Emphasis on the Aging Societies.
13. Education: With Emphasis on Social Reproduction in a Knowledge Economy.
14. Religion: With Emphasis on Religion as a Transnational Force.
15. Population and Health Care: With Emphasis on the U.S. Health Care System in Global Context.
16. Social Change: With Emphasis on Changing Environment.