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Microeconomics for Beginners Sarimah Aman Shah

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This edition of Economics for beginners is tailored for the Microeconomics subjects at higher institutions in Malaysia. In line with changes to the Economics syllabus, whereby Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are currently taught as separate subjects, we divide that ground into two different books:, but rather complementary perspectives on the overall subject of the economy The book on Microeconomics for beginners focuses on the actions of individual agents within the economy, like households, workers, and businesses.

The other book on Basic Macroeconomics looks at the economy as a whole and focuses on broad issues such as growth of production, the number of unemployed people, the inflationary increase in prices, government deficits, and levels of exports and imports.

Key Features

  • Adheres to the new syllabus for Economics at higher learning institution
    Presents the topic in the accessible manner using simple English and suitable tables and llustrations
  • Include worked example in each chapter to enhance students' understanding of the topics.
    Provides an English-Malay bilingual glossary within chapter to help students to grasp kry terms
  • Includes formative assessment exercises at the end of each chapter, and model examination papers at the end of the book for summative assessment.

New to This Edition

  • Seven chapters:- Introduction to microeconomics, demand and supply, market equilibrium, consumer behaviour, elasticity of demand and supply, theory and cost of production and market structure.
  • Updated exercises which comprise of multiple-choice questions, true and false questions, easy question, and structed question.
  • New model examination paper.

Sarimah Aman Shah is a senior lecturer currently teaching in Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah Selangor. With over 28 years of teaching experience, she specializes in Economics, Islamic Economics, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, and Human Resource Development.